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Fair Usage Policy



Unmetered Bandwidth does not mean infinite data usage.
By Unmetered Bandwidth, we mean that there is no specific bandwidth limit and you can use as much bandwidth as you want as long as you do not overload the server uplink or routers.
Since all of our services operate under shared environment, therefore clients are expected to use a fair share amount of bandwidth and don't overload server resources.

We regularly monitors bandwidth usage pattern of clients and any abusive usage of bandwidth will result in immediate suspension of services.If we classify your usage as abuse, your services may be immediately suspended and you may be denied to provide any more services in future.
No Refunds will be applicable in such cases of Breach of FUP.
We strictly do NOT allow Video/Audio streaming or any such high bandwidth usage applications on our VPS Hosting services.


All Server have a dedicated uplink shared among multiple clients generally between 10-12. Therefore, you can NOT expect all the speeds of uplink/port for yourself all the time.


All users will properly use the assigned resources in a fair manner without interfering other users in the same environment, otherwise, Estro Web Services has every right to regain control of the abused resource from users without prior notice.Estro Web Services will NOT be liable nor responsible for any customer/user loss out of this arrangement, and there will NOT be any refund of customer paid fee.

Users of all services agree NOT to interfere with other users in an unfair or malicious manner such that other users are not able to receive due level of services.In all services, the word "unlimited" refers to an "unmetered" usage, and subject to this Fair Usage Policy. Estro Web Services reserves the right to impose restrictions of various sorts to ensure a fair usage amongst the user community without prior notice, to existing and new users, and upon repeated warnings, suspend and/or terminate offending users.